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Core i7 6500u Dell Inpiron 5559

Core i7 6500u Dell Inpiron 5559 should be a good fast processor. The laptop was dreadfully slow. Something had to be wrong.

  • -hit CTRL+ALT_DEL
  • -start TASK-MANAGER
  • -click PERFORMANCE tab
  • -click CPU (on the left-hand side)

You will notice the SPEED to around 0.39GHz. Hmmm... seems like something is throttling the CPU.


BIOS Settings

I tried to fix some Bios Settings:

  • c-states = off
  • intel speedstep = off
  • intel turboboost = off

Same result. Hmmm.... there must be some settings not being shown in the Bios that can be adjusted.


Here's how to fix (as shown in my really edited picture below):

  • -download ThrottleStop
  • 1-click LIMITS (on the right-hand side)
  • 2-this will show you exactly why the throttle is happening. The culprit being BD_PROCHOT.
  • 3-uncheck BD_PROCHOT (on the left-hand side)
  • 4-checkmark DISABLE-TURBO
  • 5-do NOT turn on SPEEDSTEP
  • 5-do NOT turn on SPEED-SHIFT-EPP (if on, it will have a green SST "speed shift technology".)
    (you can change the number next to SPEED-SHIFT and set it to zero, just delete the number and type over it)


You will notice the SPEED to around 2.49GHz and the speed is noticably faster.


Schedul to Auto Start

  • -start TASK-SCHEDULER using the basic scheduler.
  • -open the properties of the task.
  • -start THROTTLESTOP on startup whether someone is logged in or not.
  • -change the user to be SYSTEM.
  • -since THROTTLESTOP doesn't have to stay running, you can close it automatically. Find the THROTTLESTOP.INI file in the THROTTLESTOP directory/folder, open with text editor and change "DCExitTime" to the number of seconds to remain open, say 5 seconds.

Final Thoughts

There are reasons why this is happening. In the end, buy business class hardware (Dell Latitude/Precision; Lenovo ThinkPads, etc) that have more options in the BIOS.

Intel-Adaptive-Thermal-Monitor might be the actual culprit. The issue is that there is no option to turn off in the BIOS.



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