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Re-enable Mailbox in Exchange 2013

If you disable a MAILBOX in EXCHANGE, the account is available for 30 days by default. However if you disable a MAILBOX in EXCHANGE and you disable an AD account, the MAILBOX will not show as a disconnected MAILBOX.

Here's how to get it back on demand.

First, check to see the RETENTION settings of the MAILBOXDATABASE:

$Get-MailboxDatabase "Mailbox-Database-Name-Here" | fl | grep MailboxRetention

Now, let's make sure that the MAILBOX is still in the MAILBOXDATABASE:

$Get-MailboxStatistics -Database "Mailbox-Database-Name-Here"

You will see all the accounts. Once you see the account that you want back, you will need the full DISPLAY NAME of the account needed.

$Get-MailboxStatistics -Database "Mailbox-Database-Name-Here" | fl | grep -i any-part-of-account-name-here

Lastly, let's reconnect the MAILBOX and connect it to an ACCOUNT:

$Get-MailboxDatabase -Identity "Mailbox-Database-Name-Here"  | Get-MailboxStatistics | Where { $_.Displayname -eq "full-display-name-here)" } | Connect-Mailbox -User "username-here"

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