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I have a storage array with 12 3.5" drives. It's a little older but it works. It has an LSI sticker on it.

I pop in some hard drives, plug in the Ethernet connection and power it on.

Now, how do I control it? There is no monitor connection.

So, I look at the DHCP find the ip address. I put the ip address in the browser but nothing shows.

With a tool, I see that it is showing as a NETAPP device. Hmmm... I thought it was LSI but OK.

I do a little googling and find that NETAPP purchased the storage array division from LSI.

So I go to the NETAPP (who acquired LSI) web site for support. I see that it needs a program called SANTRCITY. SANTRICITY isn't offered as a free download, I have to register for it.

No problem. I register for the support site and try to download it. No go. I'm "unauthorized" for that download.

No problem. I provide the SERIAL-NUMBER on the device and wait.

I receive a message from NETAPP stating that they won't provide support since they made it for someone else who branded it as their own. Also known as an OEM. It even states in their LSI acquire document:

But who is the OEM? I don't know. There are no markings on the device. This OEM is supposed to provide SANTRICITY or a rebrand of the app to control the storage device.

I find out that the device is actually an LSI CTS2600. The LSI CTS2600 was made for DELL as the POWERVAULT MD3200. I download the DELL software but it doesn't find the array that is booted. I try a couple more times without success.

I finally hear back from NETAPP that the OEM is BLUEARC. Great! A little more googling and I see that it is a BlueArc Mercury 50.

BLUEARC was purchased by HITACHI. Humph... Siging up for the access to Hitachi support web site.

The BLUEARC software was incorporated into HITACHI COMMAND SUITE.

https://support.hds.com/en_us/user/downloads/ is empty. So I emailed support.

Support writes back that there is no support contract on the device so they will not provide any help.

Now I have a 20K SAN that boots and physically works but I have no way to control it or manage it. In other words, I have a 20K boat anchor.

Good thing there are FTP sites with admins that don't lock them up :-)

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