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System Volume Information Folder Size

If you are "missing" free space, and only have a few GB left when you should have many GB left (or TB), the culprit could likely be:

  • -permission issue. You cannot see the size of a folder if you do not have read permissions to access the folder.

You can see if there are SHADOWS by following the instructions in the previous post. One item that VSSADMIN and DISKSHADOW will not show is the size of the SHADOW. Bummer.

The Windows OS saves these SHADOWS in the SYSTEM VOLUME INFORMATION folder. For various reasons, a typical administrator does not have permissions to that folder. This causes an issue because you cannot know the size of the folder through EXPLORER.

So how do you know the size of the SYSTEM VOLUME INFORMATION folder? Here's how using robocopy:

  • robocopy "c:\System Volume Information" c:\dummy /l /xj /e /nfl /ndl /njh /r:0 /b

For most other items, WINDIRSTAT will show you the way.

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