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MobileIron Stops Working

Getting MobileIron to work is a process. I wish I had my notes. All I can say is get the setup support. It will take about 20 hours or so even with a cloud setup.

This includes the following:

  • LDAP(S)
  • forcing all email through SENTRY.

Outside services like MIMECAST or MOBILEIRON need information from the Active-Directory. Mimecast gets the info directly through LDAPS and a dedicated USERNAME and PASSWORD to send the information. This works but the effort in getting LDAPS through the firewall is upon the customer.

As a result, other companies like MICROSOFT and MOBILEIRON require a setup to be established internally or a CONNECTOR. This connector is responsible for sending the Active-Directory info to the cloud service. This gets around the effort of the firewall but it adds the effort of maintaining the CONNECTOR.

The MICROSOFT CONNECTOR is an APP on a dedicated Windows Server called Microsoft Azure Active Directory Connect.

MOBILEIRON CONNECTOR is a dedicated server based off Linux with limit commands.

MOBILEIRON CONNECTOR updates automatically. When it does, it disconnects from the MOBILEIRON CLOUD.

Here's how to fix:

  • -login to the MOBILEIRON CONNECTOR onsite.
  • -type: enable
  • -type: connector stop
  • -type: connector start

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