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Create Shared Calendar

Create Shared Calendar

You have a few options.

  1. -create a shared mailbox. Doing so, you can force this on someone's Outlook. However, they will not receive calendar reminders. Bummer.
  2. -create a normal mailbox. Doing so, you will need to manually add the account to Outlook. Bummer.
  3. -create a shared calendar from a typically mailbox. A little complicated, especially if a large group. But for a small group, this might work.
  4. -create a public calendar. Available to everyone but they have to look for the calendar.
  5. -create a room account. This allows the meeting to be scheduled on the room account and puts an event on the personal calendar where reminders happen.
  6. -create Office 365 group / Unified Group. All Members of the group will automatically have the Group in Outlook. All members will automatically receive invites and notifications. Bummer.

I chose to setup a room account. This seems to be the most in line with what the client wants.

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