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Office365 Groups | Unified Groups

Office365 Groups | Unified Groups

Typically, Exchange has Distribution Groups. An email is sent to the group and everyone in the group receives a copy of the email.

Office365-Groups or Unified-Groups are now available.

Difference Between Exchange Groups and Office365 Groups

How is that different? Why would I want an Office365 Group instead of a traditional Distribution Group.

Mainly because there are the following additional features:

  • -shared mailbox. Members still receive a copy in their personal inbox.
  • -shared files.
  • -shared calendar.
  • -invite external guests.

The following article actually says it better than I can:


Creating a Unified Group:

new-unifiedgroup foogroup

Adding members:


Upgrading a group from a Distribution-Group to a Unified-Group:

Upgrade-DistributionGroup -DlIdentities This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Upgrade Error

When I tried to upgrade one DistributionGroup to a UnifiedGroup, I got an error message, "ErrorReason: The specified distribution group is not eligible to be upgraded or you are not allowed to upgrade this distribution group."

What gives?

Well, this is because the Owner of the DistributionGroup was an unlicensed account, the Office365 Admin. Changing the owner to a licensed account, allowed the upgrade to happen.

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