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Disable OWA/EWS/ActiveSync for All Accounts in Exchange 2013

Each mailbox in Exchange 2013 can have access through different ways:

  1. ActiveSyncEnabled
  2. OWAEnabled
  3. PopEnabled
  4. ImapEnabled
  5. MapiEnabled
  6. Exchange Web Services (EWS)

To see the options if they are set for TRUE/FALSE, use the get-casmailbox:

get-CASMailbox foo.user

To see for everyone:


To set OWA to be disabled:

set-casmailbox foo.user -OWAEnabled $false

So if you wanted to disable for everyone:

get-casmailbox | set-casmailbox -OWAEnabled $false

Likewise, if you want to do this with ActiveSync, the command is:

set-casmailbox foo.user -ActiveSyncEnabled $false

get-casmailbox | set-casmailbox -ActiveSyncEnabled $false

If you disable ACTIVESYNC, the account cannot get email on the MAIL app on iPhone. Most likely, you want to keep ACTIVESYNC turned on and OWA turned off.

In addition, you probably want to turn off EWS for the accounts. I've found that some 3rd party email apps (ie Blue Mail) use EWS to gather email rather than ACTIVESYNC. For whatever reason, this will not show in Exchange as a mobile device (ie Get-MobileDevice -Mailbox foo.user).

To disable EWS for a single account:

Set-CASMailbox foo.user -EWSEnabled $False

And to disable EWS for everyone:

get-casmailbox | set-casmailbox -EWSEnabled $false

Or it can be done on the entire Organization config:

Set-OrganizationConfig -EWSEnabled $False

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