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OpenText Enterprise Scan and SAP

Here are my scribble notes so I don't have to look them up again.

Install the OpenText Enterprise Scan program.

Scanning is rather simple, just make sure you select the correct model of scanner and scan the document.

Next is sending to the Archive Server.

Setup the pipeline to the Archive server (ie
scan config manager

Test the archive server pipeline:
scan > config-manager

Pipeline info:
Port 4023
Port 8080 (for management)
right-click & select LIST-PIPELINES

Start Enterprise Scan
Config Archive

Capture Center
Capture Center via shared
content server
doc pipe for content server
doc pipe for SAP
doc pipe for tcp
external storage

Doc pipeline SAP

nettcp secure

There is a possibility that there is a port on a firewall that needs to be opened if the archive server is offsite.

Check the profile: cmd > set
ecm conf dir = c:\ProgramData\Open Text (intentional space "Open" "space" "Text")
ecm doc pipeline base = c:\Program Files\OpenText
ecm doc pipeline conf = c:\ProgramData\OpenText (intentional nospace "OpenText")
ecm doc pipeline info = c:\ProgramData\OpenText (intentional nospace "OpenText")
ecm doc pipeline sap = c:\ProgramData\OpenText (intentional nospace "OpenText")

c:\ProgramData\OpenText\BASE Document Pipeline\config\dpconfig\dp.dpconfig
c:\ProgramData\OpenText\BASE Document Pipeline\config\dpconfig\dp.dpinfo

Error Message: Late_Archive_error | Could Not Process Document

Logs are here:

http status code = '0', http status message = 'Couldn't resolve host name'
dsc::dscOpenDoc dsc.cxx-9776 cannot reserve a document id; the call of function dshDsReserveDocId() failed: 'HTTP error: connection was broken: host = denw08v701 (archive='ABC')'

This means the archive is not working because the local system cannot find the system that is named in the script. This happens because the server is outside the domain so simply stating the system as "denw08v701" it needs to be "denw08v701.domain.tld".

Or you can edit the HOSTS file:

Add: denw08v701

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