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Watchguard Port Forward

Here is how to port forward if you are hosting a server of some type on your internal network that needs to be accessible outside of the office:

  • -log in via web
  • -click on Firewall > SNAT.
  • -click ADD.
  • -type name: 5802 incoming to port 5802
  • -click ADD.
  • -type internal address to send traffic to. (e.g.,
  • -click OK.
  • -click SAVE
  • -click Firewall > Firewall Policies.
  • -click ADD-POLICY.
  • -click CUSTOM.
  • -type name: 5802 incoming to port 5802
  • -click ADD.
  • -enter port # and click OK. (e.g., 5802)
  • -click SAVE.
  • -click ADD POLICY button.
  • -change “FROM” box to contain only “Any-External”.
  • -remove everything in “TO” box.
  • -click ADD button.
  • -change “Member Type” to “Static NAT”.
  • -select the Policy Type you just added and click OK.
  • -click SAVE.

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