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WSUS - Force System to Check for Windows Updates

Windows Service Update Service (WSUS) is groaned by many administrators. What should be a drop-dead-easy process is overly complicated and difficult to manage.

Everything should "just work." But it doesn't.

On 80% of the systems, the ones left on all the time, the success rate is high. The updates download and install on schedule as per the Group Policy (GPO).

On 20% of the systems, the laptops not left on all the time or away from the office, the success rate is mixed. Sometimes the downloads update, sometimes not. Sometimes the downloads install. Sometimes not.

Invariably, throughout the course of a deployment, a handful of laptops and tablets start to lag behind. They refuse to download and install the updates for whatever reason.

This necessitates the ability to force the client system to download and update.

To force them to update and install used to be:

wuauclt /detectnow
wuauclt /updatenow

Now with Windows 10, wuauclt is no longer working. But the completely undocumented USOCLIENT can be used to do the same:

USOClient.exe ScanInstallWait
USOClient StartInstall
(no slashes needed. No output is given.)

I cannot figure out why the whole process isn't easier, why there is not another way or why this is undocumented.

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