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Konica BizHub Error Deletion

Printers are a pain for so many reasons.

This time around, printing to a Konica BizHub would automatically delete the print job with the status "Error Deletion" and the details, "Login Error."

But yet, others could print without hassle. What gives?

Konica BizHub printer options are awesome. There are so many settings it is mind blowing. One of these settings is User-Authentication or User-Auth.

If User-Auth is set to ON (on the physical printer\web settings) and the printer is installed, the driver is set to automatically pickup the settings of the physical-printer. Since the setting is User-Auth = ON (on the physical printer\web settings), the driver picks up that setting and tries to send a username & password. Since there are no usernames & passwords setup, the print job fails due to a login error.

How do you get around this?

So to print, you can manually set the settings on the print driver (rather than automatic). This allow you to set printer to User-Auth = OFF (on the driver).

Here's how in picture format:




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