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Resource Room in Exchange 2013

Resource room in Exchange 2013. Let's say you have a conference room. And you want everyone in the office to:

  • -see a calendar for the conference room.
  • -see if the conference room is available/busy.
  • -schedule an event for the conference room.
  • -see the details of the conference room.

Create Resource Room

First create a mailbox resource room. This can be a ROOM or it can be EQUIPMENT. The idea is that it is a shared resource.

  • $new-mailbox foo.resource -type room
  • $new-mailbox foo.resource -type equipment

Add Permissions

Afterwards, set the permissions for the mailbox and the calendar. This must be done at the top-of-information-store AND at the calendar level:

  • $set-MailboxFolderPermission foo.room:\ -user Default -AccessRights Reviewer
  • $set-MailboxFolderPermission foo.room:\calendar -user Default -AccessRights Reviewer

To schedule the calendar in OUTLOOK,

  • -click NEW > MEETING
  • -click TO
  • -click GLOBAL-ADDRESS-LIST (upper-right)
  • -select ALL-ROOMS
  • -click the room required.
  • -click RESOURCES (at bottom-left, to add the room to the RESOUCE area).
  • -click the date and time you need.
  • -click SEND

This will schedule the room for you, put the event on your personal calendar, put the event on the room calendar for everyone to see and manage if it is in use or not.

Everyone In Office To Add Events To A Shared Calendar

If everyone in the office is "playing nice" and if you just want the calendar to show, have people double-click on the calendar day to start an event and schedule a time, then set the calendar permissions to AUTHOR:

  • $set-MailboxFolderPermission foo.room:\calendar -user Default -AccessRights Author


-REVIEWER role is the following:
(the "-" is not allowed)


-AUTHOR role is the following:
(the "-" is not allowed)


More at: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd298062(v=exchg.150).aspx

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