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FileMaker on a cloud Virtual Machine

I've had a interest in FileMaker for decades. Nothing else seems to fit the custom software solution like FMP does.

So putting the FMP Server on a cloud VM was a information worth pursuing.

The costs from various places range like this (obscured to avoid any love letters):

aws 50 600
lsn 50 600
host-1 71 852
host-2 79 948
host-3 99 1188
host-4 100 1200
host-5 130 1560
host-6 130 1560
host-7 140 1680
host-8 150 1800
host-9 150 1800

As outgoing Rackspace CEO recently referenced, it is hard to beat a disrupter like AWS. You're going to have to join them.

In the end, I decided to go with LSN. They have a CloudStack running and I can rely on their support if I'm ever in a jam.



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