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Delete AD User but Mailbox Doesn't Show Disconnected

There is a link between AD and EXCHANGE. But it isn't a hard link. Meaning that just because you create an AD account doesn't mean an Exchange account will be created.

Conversely, if you delete an AD account doesn't mean that the EXCHANGE account is deleted. Rather it is DISCONNECTED. It remains this way for 30 days. Then it is deleted.

Sometimes if you delete the AD account and the EXCHANGE account doesn't show DISCONNECTED until the MAILBOX-DATABASE runs its regular maintenance.

But you can force it to run by:

  • Get-MailboxDatabase | Get-MailboxStatistics | Format-List DisplayName, MailboxGuid, Database, DisconnectReason, DisconnectDate
  • Update-StoreMailboxState -Database “db_name” -Identity “mailbox_guid”

This is useful if you want to import some AD users into the domain from another domain but they already have EXCHANGE accounts. You can:

  • -delete the AD accounts.
  • -import the other AD accounts.
  • -show the mailboxes as disconnected.
  • -reconnect the mailboxes to the other AD accounts.

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