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Restore Deleted User in Active Directory

Restore Deleted User in Active Directory

  • -click Start > Right click Command Prompt/PowerShell > Select Run as Administrator
  • -type: ldp
  • -press Enter
  • -type in the server name: foo-dc1 (leave everything as default)
  • -click OK
  • -click CONNECTION > BIND
  • -bullet 'Bind As Currently Logged On User'
  • -click OK
  • -click VIEW > TREE
  • -select DC=domain-name-here,DC=tld(ie DC=daknetworks,DC=com)
  • -double-click CN=Deleted Objects,DC=domain-name-here,DC=tld (on the left hand side)

A list of deleted objects will show on the left hand side and will look like this:
CN=Foo User\0ADEL:d8dae83b-348c-4b48-af63-6ef9eb88b8e3,CN=Deleted Objects,DC=daknetworks,DC=com

  • -find the deleted user that was deleted.
  • -double-click on the user.
  • (the details of the user will show on the right-hand side)
  • -right-click on the user > Modify
  • -for ATTRIBUTES, type: isDeleted
  • -for OPERATION, bullet DELETE
  • -click ENTER

Now we have to tell AD where to restore the user.

  • -for ATTRIBUTES, type: distinguishedName
  • -for VALUES, type the original DN of the object.
  • You can find the last-known distinguishedName by looking on the right-hand side. It will say "lastKnownParent". Simply add the user name before. For example:
    CN=foo user,OU=whatever,OU=wherever,OU=allUsers,DC=daknetworks,DC=com
  • -for OPERATION, bullet REPLACE
  • -click ENTER
  • -checkmark EXTENDED (lower-left).
  • -click RUN.

The user is restored successfully to the OU you defined. You might have to re-add some info and re-enable the Exchange mailbox.

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