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Replace Dated Hardware

It isn't worth it to deal with hardware problems. Combine this principle with the others I've stated like time is the most precious resource and the Murphy's law principle from last time and you'll appreciate this story.

I had a recent snowbird, from Manhattan, in BallenIsles. A simple call to setup a monitor, nothing big.

Monitor setup was no problem. Windows XP starts to boot then fails and begins to endlessly reboot. I try everything I can think of, safe mode, last known good config, boot into BartPE, boot into Knoppix and I even try a repair install. All end in the same result. Endlessly rebooting. Yes, even the repair install.

What do I do? A simple monitor install has turned into a service call worst disaster. After an hour and a half of tinkering, I have a total loss of everything.

I buy off lease systems in bulk and keep them around for fast office setups. They are about 2 years old, Dell Optiplex systems. Total cost of each system is barely over $100.

I run out back to my office, grab one of the systems and put it in place of the troubled item. Transfer over the user profile and finally call it a day.

Total service time was 3 hours. Which is a loss for me as I charge by the job and not by the hour.

The win here is that the issue was fixed as fast as possible and the client was relatively happy.

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